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As of May 1st, 2021 TheStonksHub has officially launched. Join the already dozens of other members in an in-depth discussion on many companies listed on the U.S exchanges. Sign up for the free trial and take a look at our entire catalog of research, plus receive a new report every Sunday at 8am EST sharp.

The idea is to go into the nitty-gritty of each company. Figure out what segments bring most revenue, what is their CAGR, how will their total addressable market (TAM) evolve over time? All this delivered to you every week*.

*This includes most weeks with some limitations to holidays and/or other weekends.

Why You Should Join

This paid group keeps the nonsense out. We aim to provide high-quality unbiased company research to retail traders that isn't available anywhere else for this price. We do not have ulterior-motives with our research (no recommendations, no price targets, no leaving anyone bag-holding). We offer research for companies presented with sources, important statistics, and historical valuations. It's up to you to decide to invest.

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